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Miss Congeniality

with a gun

Grace Hart
2 May
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I'm not a lesbian.

Believe me, there are days that I wish I was.

Gracie Hart, Special Agent, FBI. You might know me as Gracie Lou Freebush, Miss New Jersey. I was the first runner up in the Miss United States Pageant. Now, look, I was there on assignment, and yeah, it was rigged to get me into the top ten. But once I was in there, I did it on my own, so don't freaking start with me. I got that glide and fake smile down.

But anyway...

Now, I'm in Boston, working with a task force on White Collar Crime. But I still take care of myself, because it's good for the job, and good for my sense of power and self esteem.

That, and if Victor Melling catches me schlepping around looking like shit, he'll kill me.

OOC: Gracie is from the "Miss Congeniality" films, and is played by the wonderful Sandra Bullock. She is available for some RP and will do some writing at Random Fic. She's a horny thing, so there will be sex and violence here, kids. I do not own or profit from her.